Up, Up and Away!

We are really excited to get this blog off the ground. Having been in the business since 2001, we have had incredible opportunities to work with very talented team members , a great set of highly valued customers as well as a number of highly engaged partners. As a company, our goal is to help customers unlock real value for their business and real outcomes. This could be in the form of help field sales be more effective, finding real savings through a smart BI solution or even in helping marketers be more responsive to customer behaviour.

Our track record of 10+ years in consulting and implementing strategies around interactive marketing has helped marketing teams be more effective in leveraging technology and navigate the potential minefield the profession carries as the demand for the marketing technologist rises.

The other side of the coin would be the use of technology to manage interactions with current and future customers. At Lister, we have the track record of being able to make CRM relevant to customers' requirements, making it play well with other platforms and help define a roadmap as customer business grows.

At Lister Technologies, our deep belief is that we are what we are thanks to the power of the community and we want to pay it back through the Lister Foundation. The Foundation's flagship project, "My Gaon" was recently kicked off and focuses on developing a comprehensive, dynamic and interactive web platform of information on villages in India in order to facilitate impactful and accelerated social change.

As we progress on this blog, you will see several of these themes coming up. You will hear how we created success for our customers. You will read about how we approach technology challenges and address them. You will see stories of how Listerians have made a difference. Along the the way, we'll try to make this blog a little more interesting than a microwave manual and throw in a cat picture or two. So, get set for the ride and share, bookmark or subscribe to this blog and do let us know what you think through the comments box.