C.O.M.S – for music that calms the nerves

Continuing our coverage of Listerians' hackathon exploits, this blog entry will talk about the team from Lister whose app was featured in the top 10 best apps in the FreshDesk Hackathon 2015 for their advanced search functionality application. The story of the Ruby Dooby Doos, the winners of the Hackathon, can be found in our previous entry.

Online music repositories make it easy to stream music that you like when you like. On-Demand business model is so big these days, just go to any music database over the internet and one can find the albums that are topping the chart, artists of the week and songs that are top of the billboard easily and enjoy it to heart's content. If you are one of those music aficionados who has this beautiful tune from the early 80's stuck in his head and wants to listen to it pronto, you may have to go through literally thousands of songs and hundreds of pages online before you get that song even if you know the Artist. Well, not anymore!

Our team at Lister has created the Customized Online Music Search aka C.O.M.S that speeds up your search by giving virtually unlimited number of filter conditions to arrive at the song of your choice. Powered by the Gaana API from Gaana.com, one of India's biggest music streaming service providers, in the background, and using ASP .NET for the User Interface, the team built a new API (WEB API 2.0) from the scratch to enable filters via Artist, Song Name and Genre as opposed to using only one of these filters at a time. The ability to toggle between AND/OR switches in the search criteria lets users who know what they are looking for in the database to find and play the song of their choice in no time. The WEB API calls the underlying API and fetches the results with very minimum to zero latency. The team also used JavaScript and jQuery for the scripting and other auxiliary interface requirements.

The guys, Mohamed, Jude and Sriram a.k.a 'The Disgruntled Hackers' cite JIRA as their inspiration to develop COMS for gaana.com. JIRA, the versatile, go to product for most IT firms for their ticketing and issue tracking purposes with its sophisticated filtering options certainly seems to have had an effect on the team. It was not always smooth and the team did face some caveats when the underlying API didn't work as proposed in some places. The workaround was found by the team and they created their own type-ahead or suggestions prompt (a la Google suggestions) to solve this issue.

The app can be customized for other online music repositories as well. The team has plans to enhance the app by adding music playback capability. When asked about what their next plans are, the team responded enthusiastically about building an app for the Aadhaar Application Hackathon 2015. Good times to be a developer, indeed!