Efficient Campaign Delivery: 6 things that can make a difference

A modern marketer's attention is split between the needs of the nuts and bolts of running a campaign and crafting the customer experience and journey so that the true essence of the brand is made available across all channels. Spending time and energy on campaign operations, while an essential piece of the campaign, should not happen at the cost of the overarching brand strategy. In a scenario where carefully crafted messaging can go awry just because the technology did not work the way it was supposed to, means that a marketer can spend time fire fight rather than strategizing. Well defined frameworks for executing campaign operations can help organizations in efficiently working with campaign operations vendors and take the pain out of campaigns and be more effective as marketers.

While offshoring can provide a strong cost advantage, it is necessary to work with vendors who have the maturity in understanding marketing technology, experience as marketers and all this while also have processes in place which allows for having the right technical skills, marketing skills and program management abilities to work well with organizations and have a shared vision of what campaign operations success means.

With the deluge of customer data available from across channels be it web, email engagement, purchases data – both online and offline as well as social sentiments, organizations can really smart about how their marketing campaigns are designed, developed, executed and tracked. Imagine a situation where, strategically, you are able to create hundreds of different personas for your customers helping them along their own individualized digital experience. Now imagine your campaign execution team drowning in all that data and not able to use this right before Cyber-Monday and resorts to good old fashioned 'spray and pray' tactic. Bandwidth issues, lack of critical technical skills, poor testing can trip up the best laid plans and leads to companies not utilizing the best data they have.


System Analysis & Design

The dynamic nature of marketing campaigns needing to respond to real life events, aggregated customer and the need to stay competitive means that frequent changes in strategy is not just a regular feature, but is, in fact the new normal. While this cannot be done away with, the marketers primary role can come to the fore with efficient use of shared resources who can analyze business specs from an implementation/QA perspective on issues like performance and concurrency that are non-core to the marketer. Moving forward, they can further improve off shore productivity, lower operational costs and de-risk tight implementation timelines by creating business templates for routine requirements, managing change and reducing redundant iterations.

Training & Technical Cross Skilling

With the rise of the role of the "Chief Marketing technology Officer", teams need to be multi-skilled. Creative, campaign strategy, web development, technical design, database development and business intelligence skills are all basic requirements that teams need to have. Off-shore teams can complement skill availability across multiple technologies and provide support especially during high volume periods like the October-November-December quarter.

Synchronized Development Testing

Anti-spam and solicitation compliance regulations has meant that managing data, processes and work flows needs strict monitoring, but yet meet stiff deadlines on campaign delivery. An efficiently managed campaign needs a delivery focused approach where sections of development and testing phases overlap and result in time savings. Over multiple campaigns, these efficiencies add up to significant savings in time and improvement in the teams skills.

Rush hour resource utilization

Emergency projects are the norm for campaign delivery teams and such projects are often charged at anywhere between 30 – 60% over the normal rates. The ability to be agile and turn around complex marketing campaigns at short notice is an important attribute that substantiates the marketer's claim to accelerate brand performance and to be responsive to the ever changing demands of the customer. Maintaining an agile SWAT team which can swoop in right before rush hour (e.g. Just before Thanksgiving) and execute critical projects when personnel demand is high.

Accelerate Productivity through Process Optimization

Repeatable, reusable and modular approaches to campaign challenges can play a huge role in saving time, energy and marketing budgets. Some productivity accelerators that can really help are:
Code reuse
Automated testing
Pre-built test strategies

The needs of the Modern Marketer now makes it critical for teams to take a holistic view of the skills they carry, ability to deploy these skills and keep improving the quality and efficiency of service they are providing to the business. Utilization of highly skilled teams is difficult to consistently maintain through the year and are especially needed during rush hour. Keeping their skill levels current and aligned to modern marketing practices has meant that organizations spend as much time in maintaining the teams as they do in actually using them. The right on-shore /off-shore mix can help provide a great deal of predictability on costs, skills levels and utilization freeing up the marketers role to do what they do best.

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