Happy Mother's Day – 9 things a marketer can do right now!

Do you remember the time when as a 10-year old, you would sit up all night decorating a handmade card with glitter, colored tape and scrawling 'Happy Mother's Day"? The years have passed and you've probably moved out of your parents' home in a city far, far away wondering what last minute gift you could get for her. Turns out you are not alone - Americans are expected to spend an average of $172.63 according to NRF's 2015 Mother's Day Spending Survey totaling to about $21B in retail spending. This makes Mother's Day the largest excuse for retail spending after the traditional holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines and it's just around the corner on Sunday, May 10th.

It is still not too late to get set for the rush there are a number of things you can look forward to as you finalize and plan your Mother's Day Campaign

9 things you can do right now

1. Personalized emails - Everyone knows it, but still needs to be reminded that the big day is SUNDAY to let Mom that they are loved and cherished. Send out your personalized email and remind them to get something special

2. Guaranteed Shipping – Offering last minute guaranteed shipping is a great incentive make people buy. Your customers will love you even more if it's FREE shipping as a Mother's Day Exclusive and remember to highlight it in your emails

3. Mother's Day Specials- We need not tell you this – but sometimes your shoppers need to be told whats in and whats out. Help them with gifting ideas for their dear ones. Remind them through your campaign and make sure your Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram posts also speak the same language

4. Gift Cards – Thoughtless?Not really; give Moms the power of choice in choosing their gifts. According to NRF, 44% Americans are expected to spend an average of $41 in gift/store certificates. This is perfect for Moms who have everything.

5. Omni -channel. Not just Web. – Get your apps and mobile pages ready for Mother's day offers. It is a well-established fact that Millennials will shop from their couch. Do your campaigns reflect this changing trend?

6. Heightened customer service – On this special day make sure that your customers have all their questions answered whether they be through knowledge base, increase call center support or expedited returns & processing. Be creative as to how you might want to present this in your email campaign

7. Use the right emotional triggers - Love, appreciation, nostalgia and even guilt can be used to drive response rates. The usual touchy, feely, gentle, loving reminders are being done by everyone. Don't be afraid to use stand out Subject lines like "OMG! Mother's Day in 4 days. Perfect Gifts & Free shipping" will drive your engagement to different levels.

8. Grandma is a mom too! - Remember that grand moms, wives and sisters can all be moms. Remind them of this and target your campaigns. Be inclusive of other segments as well.

9. Post Mother's Day - Open rates actually peak for emails with Mother's Day in the subject line AFTER the day is over and this could represent an opportunity for a follow up with a coupon code

This is a great occasion to let your customers be able to choose and buy the perfect gift for the loved ones in their lives. These are just a few things that retailers could do to engage with their target audiences and it's never too late. Once you've completed the Mother's day campaign, it's time to get started all over again and focus on the other parent: Father's Day is on June 21st this year!