Transporter – Crowdsourcing Delivery Services

The final entry of our Hackathon trilogy is a mobile entrant. Rahul along with his friends has developed a promising mobile application named Transporter (no, not the Jason Statham one!) which made it into the top 10 list for the best mobile apps in the Save the Hacker 2015 event.

It is an interesting approach to address the perennial logistics problems faced by small B2C and B2B businesses. When asked about his motive to create this application, he says, "Imagine if a small biryani place wants to provide home delivery service and since there is not enough man power for taking multiple deliveries, it can't fulfill the orders. Customers move on and the shop loses business. Businesses like this are our target demographic. We want to link these shops with people interested in taking up the chore."

It's a pretty cool concept which can prove really beneficial to both the requestor and the transporter. College students, sales reps, part time job seekers and just about anyone with a motorbike can make a few extra bucks with the help of this app. Business owners can leverage this opportunity to reduce their overhead and improve their sales. The team set out to make this app with a clearly laid out and highly promising business model. The development time afforded to them in the event was 48 hours. The team came up with this app for the Android platform in a much shorter span. The app contains two separate UIs, one for the requestor and the other for the deliverer.

The team built a ROR backend which takes care of use cases like receiving a request for delivery, finding the nearest available deliverer, delivery assignments, delivery tracking, and lastly the payment settlements. A lot of thought has been put into making this secure for both the end customer and the business. Once the deliverer completes the transaction, the customer has to key in a PIN number sent to their verified mobile number, into the Transporter app. Only after this action is completed will the deliverer get other assignments in and around that area. The amount earned by the transporter depends on the distance covered and number of deliveries made.

With the rise of e-commerce, competition for sales and market share is higher than ever before. Such market forces provide an opportunity for nifty and niche applications like this which are sure to help out smaller players in their struggle to cope with the online juggernauts.