Lister's primary response to COVID is to ensure employee health and safety, meet our commitment to customers, work closely with them during this pandemic situation, and safeguard our company from the impacts of COVID. We also continue to focus on business continuity and stability.  

As a socially-responsible corporate, we wished to do our bit towards mitigating the impact of this crisis.   

We partnered with an NGO--Akshaya Patra—donating towards over 82,000 meals to the needy. We also encouraged our employees to contribute to this cause and then made a matching donation to supplement and appreciate their effort.

Initial response (March 2020)  

When news of the pandemic started trickling in, we immediately put together a COVID response team, a proactive move made even before the Indian government or any other corporate acted. This team, lead by our CEO, consisted of representatives from all major stakeholder entities.

 We gave leaders the freedom and authority to assess the situation and then make decisions based on this evaluation, keeping customers' and employees' best interests in mind. We empowered our project team considerably, ensuring that decision-making occurred at every level and was tailored to serve our employees' and customers' needs.  

Decentralising decision-making speeded up our execution process, and we made changes at a rapid pace.  

We were one of India's few corporate companies to proactively plan, implement our BCP (Business Continuity Plan), and achieve 100% work from home, much before the Indian government's lockdown announcement on March 24.

  • BCP execution kicked off Monday, March 9. We published outcomes to clients that requested this information.
  • Work from home was made effective on Tues, March 17, one week ahead of the government's 21- day nationwide lockdown, starting March 25.
  • Work from home guidelines published
  • Support functions worked round the clock to enable secure remote working. They ensured the presence of necessary infrastructure and internet connectivity  
  • Promoted extensive use of collaboration platforms for seamless touchpoints with the team and customers
  • We arranged transport facilities for all our associates across India's southern states, ensuring that they reached home before the  1st nationwide one-day lockdown on Sun, March 22, and mitigating their panic around using public transport
  • From Monday, March 23, all the organisation's employees have worked out of home

Handling Pandemic (Apr 2020 till Oct 2020)

COVID continues to challenge and impact our everyday lives across the globe. It is critical to focus on employee wellness and safety, ensuring that we deliver to our customers as committed.

We have taken the following measures:

  • At first, the COVID response team conducted daily meetings to share updates, track the situation, and make timely decisions. We now continue to meet twice a week.  
  • Business leaders frequently connect with employees and assess their well-being.  
  • Business leaders are also in constant touch with their customers, providing updates on team availability, business continuity, and crisis management.  
  • HR has been conducting one-on-one and employee well-being surveys regularly, listening to employee's feedback, and creating programs to address the challenges.  
  • These were the few important initiatives taken:
    • Home- delivered office chair to associates.

    • Offered loans to handle COVID-19 situation

    • Offered desktops to associates' children to help them with online classes

    • Sponsored anti-reflective eyewear to avoid eye strains/challenges while working on laptops or mobile for long hours

    • Organised yoga/meditation series

    • COVID awareness/prevention session with medical experts

    • Encouraged associates to take regular breaks and relaxed leave policies

    • Shared best practices and motivational content with particular emphasis on employee wellness, safety, self-discipline, and productivity

Test Lead - Digital

During this pandemic situation because of Covid 19, Initially, we were really in shock on how we are going to handle this situation, but honestly saying, Lister did an incredible job in terms of employees' transportation, regular health follow-ups, conducting awareness programs, and handled everything so meticulously.

Test Lead - Digital
Senior Test Engineer - Digital

From providing network facility to all, dropped the employees to the native at their doorstep, checked for the people for their real needs via survey, delivering a new chair at employees’ doorstep, received a new laptop for work at my doorstep. I am not sure still how many supports is in pipeline.

Senior Test Engineer - Digital
Test Lead - Digital

Having heard that drop facility to our employee’s hometown was organized, cannot be without expressing our thankfulness and appreciation for all the benevolent deed during this epidemic crisis.  
As Government has restricted the public transportations, this was a very timely help for our employees to reach their homes safely. 

Test Lead - Digital
Senior Test Engineer - Digital

Lister has been well organized and planned way ahead to tackle the covid situation to ensure the safety and well-being of the associates. The company also assisted in helping the associates with all the necessary facilities to make sure of smooth transition to work from home. Additionally, they have also been constantly reaching out to the associates to help in case of any grievances 

Senior Test Engineer - Digital