Migrated about 4 billion data points within one month
Migrated about 4 billion data points within one month

Data migration consulting services

Data migration consulting


  • Our client, a Fortune 500 company, and a global leader in men’s grooming products, faced the following challenges.  
  • The client had a hard deadline of three months to complete the migration from the legacy marketing automation platform to a nimbler mobile-first marketing platform.  
  • All the marketing data (historical & recurring) of the client were from different data sources and funnelled by Kafka systems   
  • The company wanted to push all the data to the new platform by converting from various formats to supported format  


  • Lister underwent detailed discovery workshop to understand client’s use-cases and their data sources
  • We created a detailed design document to decide on how to deal with different data sources.  
  • We defined each data source and mapped the relevant attributes to the respective data types.  
  • We laid out a comprehensive data migration plan, outlining the following details: how to handle every kind of data, what is the volume, frequency of load and how to store it.    
  • Lister then created a nimble AWS solution, using AWS S3, AWS glue, Python, AWS Lambda, to transform and load data.  


  • We migrated about 4 billion data points within one month.  
  • The client went live with the new platform before the hard deadline.  
  • Since we launched campaigns with effective segmentation and personalization, the open rate was improved by 4% and the CTR by 2%.