1700% revenue boost for a MNC technology company
1700% revenue boost for a MNC technology company
Revenue boost for a MNC technology company
Revenue boost for a MNC technology company
Marketing program assessment

Customer’s behaviors continuously keep changing in the way they engage with brands - B2C and B2B brands need to create personalized customer journeys across channels to better acquire, engage, convert, and retain. Lister brings in thought leadership to ensure that our client’s marketing programs are customer-centric and are ahead of the curve.

The following depicts the approach we adopt to help our clients:

  • Goal setting: We try to understand pain points/goals through a discovery workshop where we look at the customer journey across the entire lifecycle.  
  • Map the current state and the desired state: This includes understanding the user experience, channel mix and marketing programs   
  • Layout a strategic roadmap: This helps us achieve our goals. For instance, we like to define the KPIs--ROI, ROAS, visits, opens, click-through-- to be measured during the execution stage
  • Use Lister’s 3-step approach: We focus on three things--data and analytics, strategy, and technology-- to build a solid foundation and bring the brand from “know” stage to “predict” their customer needs
    • Data and analytics: Data analysis across owned, paid and earned media to understand consumer list growth, engagement health, conversion. Marketing channel mix to drive acquisition, engagement, conversion, and loyalty is measured
    • Programs strategy
      • Evaluate the performance of customer lifecycle marketing programs
      • Welcome and onboarding strategy
      • Engagement 
      • Retargeting abandoned carts
      • Post-purchase programs
      • Win back and loyalty programs 
    • Technology strategy:

      Build a technology roadmap and helping in the selection of the platforms across ad platforms, affiliates, social media platforms, DMPs, CDPs, ESPs, marketing clouds, analytics, testing and optimization platform.

      This is done via a phased approach looking at quick wins first and priorities that align with client goals. During every phase, the KPIs are closely tracked, with respect to the goals, and any corrections needed are made. 

Director e-commerce – A leading Jewellery retailer in USA.

“Lister Team, you’ve earned every bit of this. E-commerce industry knowledge, best in class solution offerings, knows the customer today and tomorrow, 24/7 resource availability – we gain time & efficiencies.

Director e-commerce – A leading Jewellery retailer in USA.