Mission – to touch a million lives
Mission – to touch a million lives
Innovation in healthcare services through Diha Clinic
Innovation in healthcare services through Diha Clinic

Lister foundation

Lister foundation

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  

Mahatma Gandhi

Our story

For the last two decades, ever since we began operations in 2001, Lister Technologies has chosen to engage with various community initiatives, investing in causes close to our hearts. Our founders have donated twenty-eight per cent of their equity to the Lister Foundation, enabling a funding mechanism for various community initiatives.  

Over the years, the Lister Foundation has supported over 23 non-government organisations, donating over 65 million rupees to numerous ventures in the development sector.  

Some of our activities include  

Aiding NGOs and voluntary organisations  

Lister has actively worked with several non-governmental organisations, providing financial as well as managerial support for their community work. Some areas these NGOs work in, include

  • Education of underprivileged children
  • Medical assistance to children from impoverished sections of the society
  • Community-based food and nutrition programmes
  • Blood banking   
  • Stem-cell therapy  
  • Rural development programes

Digital Empowerment  

Lister has, over the years, donated computers to several NGOs. Additionally, our employees have volunteered with them, offering technical support and IT assistance.  

Community Initiatives  

We believe that affordable and accessible healthcare is a fundamental human right. And our multi-speciality medical clinic, Diha Clinic, which comes under a separate trust called Diha Trust, seeks to provide this.  

Situated in Chennai’s Nanganallur locality, the clinic, which started operations in October 2019, offers consultation in several specialities, including general medicine, family practice, diabetology, cardiology, orthopaedics, OB/ GYN, neurology and paediatrics. Other facilities include a full-fledged pathology lab, an  X-ray unit, ultrasound scanning,  treadmill testing, ECG and echo, among others. We also offer physiotherapy and rehab services and have a fully-stocked pharmacy.  

We have invested close to US$ 700,000, so far, into this clinic-- a 6500 sq ft facility peopled by a team of ten medical specialists and over fifteen supporting staff, designed to serve over 200 people per day.  

Employees’ sensitisation

We continuously engage and involve our employees while initiating community service, seeking their participation. The idea is to get people to buy into the idea of giving back to the community they are part of. When an employee donates a sum of money to a particular cause, Lister matches their donation to this same cause, after ascertaining that some basic criteria are met.