Touching A Million Lives…

Lister Foundation (LF) is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Lister Digital and has a vision to 'Touch a Million Lives' through its community initiatives.

The promoters have yielded over 28% of their equity to Lister Foundation, which receives funds through dividends declared by Lister or by sale of its equity in Lister. Lister Foundation does not accept any donation from others – individuals or organizations.

Lister Foundation

Connecting India's Villages with 'Successful Village Migrants'

Lister Foundation's flagship project – "My Gaon" ('gaon' is the Hindi word for 'village') – focusses on developing a comprehensive, dynamic and interactive web platform of information on villages in India in order to facilitate impactful and accelerated social change.

By focusing on the vital role that can be played by Indians having roots in villages – 'Successful Village Migrants', the purpose of the platform is to facilitate the following:

  • To create a database of rich, visual, and real-time information on villages in India.
  • Provide a platform for Successful Migrants from villages to stay connected with and contribute to their native villages.
  • To create a platform which channels philanthropic activities towards the most challenged regions and development indices.

Support to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Lister Foundation has supported and currently supports several projects, managed by high quality NGOs, including:

  • Akshya Trust, that operates a school for children from less privileged families in Chennai.
  • IIMPACT, an organization formed by IIMA graduates of 1978 that establishes and manages schools for girl children in Tribal and remote rural areas where no schools are available.
  • Kidney Help Trust, founded and managed by Dr. M. K. Mani, one of India's foremost Nephrologists. Dr. Mani heads the Nephrology department in Apollo's flagship hospital in Chennai.
  • Jeevan Blood Bank, founded by Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Saranya. One of Chennai's leading privately owned Blood Banks.
  • Ekam Trust, founded by Dr. Sai Lakshmi. Ekam works to improve the service quality in Government run children's hospitals. Ekam's vision is that no child should die for want of quality medical care.
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