Mobility for the Sales force

Successful sales teams and sales leaders use technology not as a tactical measure, but as a key strategic differentiator. Investments are required to improve the day to day lives of sales teams to enable them to get time back for the actual process of selling, rather than spend time on data entry and the chore of completing paperwork.

The necessity of mobility:

Sales teams are more likely to use sales force automation software when they can access it easily, preferably on a smart phone or on a tablet. With the shift to the BYOD world, sellers are bringing their personal preferences in mobility to the work place and this is manifesting in how they use mobile technology in CRM as well.

A CRM system will see limited advantages if it is available only at the end of the day or during lunch breaks. The ability for a seller to view information about his prospect and make changes, updates, create quotes on the fly will drive greater adoption of the automation system. A mobile compatible solution like Salesforce helps sales leaders free up time for their teams by enabling them to input and retrieve data on the go.

Employees need to believe that a CRM tool like Salesforce is actually going to make their jobs easier and not harder. A large part of driving successful adoptions is involving sales teams right at the beginning and an answering critical questions on how they use it.

  1. What sales information needs to be updated and checked everyday?
  2. Is the app built for the objective of the sales team or does it just do what it says on the box?
  3. Is the behavior of sales teams mapped to the features of the mobility solution? For example – when do they update the system? In the car just before a meeting? When they are offline, on a plane?

The journey to a successful CRM and Sales Automation has to include the right mobility solutions to provide sales leaders and sales teams the ability to access, update and create information on the go. Mobile based CRM solutions need to necessarily include an easy way for reps to use the system and ensure that it is the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they do before they close the day.

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