Strategy and technology consulting - personalisation

Strategy and technology consulting - personalisation


Our Client is a federation of motor clubs throughout the US, publishes a magazine that offers travel tips, inspiration and practical life advice to its readers. This magazine was facing the double whammy of increased operating costs and reduced subscriptions for their print editions. There was an urgent need to optimize market effectiveness and built cross-cultural connections to the other parts of the business. Hence, the magazine needed to go digital.  


Lister did the following:  

  • Created a digital transformation and content strategy for the magazine, offering personalized journeys to customers, based on their personalities and interests.  
  • Provided the tech strategy and recommendation for their CMS, digital asset management and Google 360 suite.
  • Recommended and implemented best practices to ensure optimal usage of their email platform.


  • Reduction in print media spends due to the magazine digitization.  
  • Decreased customer churn, thanks to the overall improvement of CX
  • Improved conversions due to real-time retargeting for cart abandonments and drop-outs.