Recipe for great campaign performance
Recipe for great campaign performance
70+ implementations
70+ implementations
Reduce manual monitoring by 80%
Reduce manual monitoring by 80%
Campaign audit solution


  • Constraints and/or limitations that are imposed wrt the data that can be brought into MAPs
  • Data unavailability impacts targeting and personalisation, this becomes accentuated particularly during holiday season

Key features  

  • Configure user-specific thresholds for various campaign performance metrics  
  • Create user defined KPIs with inbuilt rule engine, which can be a combination of existing KPIs, custom logic  
  • Alert users through SMS / e-mail on KPI threshold clearances  
  • Present performance metrics from a "Frequency of Occurrence" (FOO) perspective  
  • Compute UHI-- Ubiquitous Health Index  
  • Identify killer SQLs from a cost, CPU, IO, time, wait events perspective  
  • Spot and track down reusable SQLs – cut down premature SQL ageing
  • Simulate the real-time impact of different KPIs on UHI   


  • Prioritize tuning activities using the "FOO" based indicators  
  • Cut down manual monitoring by 80%  
  • Optimize on peak capacity planning.  
  • Ensure 100% database uptime  
  • React instantly to changes in monitoring strategy using customizable health indices 
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