Easy to connect to ESPs
Easy to connect to ESPs
Self serve capability for customer support
Self serve capability for customer support
Search and filter emails
Search and filter emails
Event archiver solution

ESPs typically do not store the personalized emails after email send. Hence, email marketers and customer support teams alike cannot access the personalized emails that are sent to customers. They are not able to address questions with respect to email related queries (opt-out, coupon related).

The Lister Event Archiver tool will help the client’s marketing or customer support teams to archive all the service/transactional emails that they send to their end customers. This enables easy retrieval.


  • Search/filter for a particular e-mail using standard email attributes
  • Check its delivered/skipped/bounced status
  • View the e-mail in a browser
  • Download the email in .msg/.eml format
  • Support for custom fields that need to be included on filters, apart from the standard email attributes


  • Self service capability for support folks to address customer complaints
  • Volumes of up to 10 million e-mails per month are being handled currently. This will be increased as per need
  • Storage period is for up to 2 years