Insightful Design

Analyze and orchestrate your cx to optimize your funnel

Lister Digital maps your current CX against your business goals and identifies ways to maximize your funnel—and your ROI.


Real-World Results

Improved major retailer's cx across the funnel

YOY Revenues
Increase in Email CTR
Return on Ad Spend
Increase in Site Visits


Lister increases your marketing

Acquisition & conversion

Increasing the volume of prospects to your site and converting them into paying customers.

CX Strategic expertise

Customer acquisition via Paid Search, Display, and Affiliate Marketing Programs.

Browse/Search and Purchase Abandon Conversion

Best Practice Development for Purchase and Post Purchase Processes

CX analytical tools

Channel Predictor

Ensure you are Communicating to Your Customers in the Channel of Their Preference and Attribute Revenue Accurately.


Retaining customers by improving customer touch points during service and improving your loyalty programs.

CX Strategic expertise

Implementation of Industry Best Practices

Cultivation of Repeat Purchases and Renewals

CX analytical tools

Content and Click Predictor

Identify email lifecycle, value, and behaviour segments in order to drive relevant email content targeting.


Enhancing brand engagement during consideration and buying cycles via personalization and customer journey orchestration.

CX Strategic expertise

Reduction of Customer Churn

Identification and Reengagement of Inactive Customers

Maximization of Engagement Between Purchases

Brand Loyalty Development

CX analytical tools

Revenue Driver

Segment your audience by spending and identify best customers.

Churn Predictor

Identify customers with the greatest propensity to churn.

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