Compliance and security management
Compliance and security management

Modernisation initiatives for enterprise CIS.

Modernisation initiatives for enterprise CIS.

Information systems, an application very central to their ecosystem and critical for their operations. However, this application was also a part of its ageing infrastructure: it was picked up as a target system for modernisation so that it could be standardised into the rest of the infra modernisation program.

The Corporate Information & Security system that Lister had been asked to modernise was built on a Legacy technology. At that point, it was approaching the end of life and desperately required a tech upgrade.


  • The following were the key points highlighted by the product owners.
  • Provisioning delays for users.
  • Tighter integration missing with enterprise systems.
  • Performance, scalability and maintenance issues
  • Lacklustre usability and UI experience for preference system
  • No documentation to understand the existing application functionality
  • Existing users lacked a complete understanding of the application

The Solution

  • Lister team built out a comprehensive program of discovery to reverse engineer application to build a functional and non-functional understanding.
  • Custom training capsule was created for Lister associates & customer teams engaged in application migration.
  • Technology consulting was provided on the choice of the tech stack, design for scale, throughput, and security.  
  • Cutting edge technology was recommended on NodeJS, ReactJS, RESTful services with a multi-tier services-based architecture
  • Lister team defined future scalability requirements and benchmarked the application for peak season onboarding and future scaling to multiple locations.
  • Defined a plan and Integrated all end-points of the application with the rest of the ecosystem, managing API and throttling & transmission limitations.  


  • Provisioning time reduced from 28 hours/wk to 7 hrs
  • Application deployed across 21 locations and can scale to 1 million users.
  • Documentation helped generate new product roadmap
  • The icing on the cake?  In-sprint automation with over 92% coverage was added