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Braze migration


Lister's Braze Offerings!

Transform your business with our Braze services. Lister helps orchestrate personalized customer journeys on Braze to deliver business outcomes. This allows brands to build strong relationships with their customers, leading to sustainable long-term revenue growth.


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Unsatisfied with ROI from legacy marketing platforms?

Understand how Lister can help in migrating from legacy marketing platforms to Braze


Data Migration


Data Migration
  • Perform complete analysis on existing legacy platform data model.
  • Understand complete data architecture of client's data source ecosystem.
  • Carry out exhaustive data mapping and data modeling exercise.
  • Build robust middle layer solution to build pipeline between legacy platform & braze.
  • Comprehensive plan to migrate historical & recurring data.

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Campaign/Program Migration


Campaign/Program Migration
  • Do a complete audit on existing legacy platform's campaigns/programs/user-journeys.
  • Prepare a comprehensive checklist & campaign migration plan.
  • Build robust Lister's automated process to migrate campaign from legacy platform to minimize the manual effort.

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Strategic Services


Strategic Services
  • Perform a comprehensive audit of existing user-journeys.
  • Identification of improvement areas in Customer Acquistion, Conversion, Retention & Loyalty.
  • Review existing data ingestion process and help in cleaning up data & associated attributes.
  • Define KPIs & understand metrics to be measured.
  • Build strategies to target customers with hyper-personalization (Content, Channel, Time).

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Campaign Services (Post Migration)


Campaign Services (Post Migration)
  • Build Campaigns & User-Journeys based on the campaign calendar.
  • Audit personalization criteria & configuration of campaign segmentation.
  • Trouble-shoot technical issues related to HTML templates, list segmentation & email campaign execution.
  • Create and setup effective E-Mail templates utilizing industry best practices.
  • Review E-mail deliverability reports to maintian list cleanliness.
  • Review campaign engagement report on a daily basis & provide recommendations to improve open rate, click rate etc.

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Success Story

Lister helped a major US sports league in migrating from a legacy digital marketing cloud platform to Braze

Challenges faced by the sports league​

  • Disjointed customer communication.​
  • Improving fan engagement.​
  • Complex data migration from multiple data sources.​
  • Legacy marketing platform cut-over in less than 4 months.​

Lister's Solution​

Migration Strategy​

Lister laid out the End to End migration Strategy to migrate Customer and Engagement Data from legacy platform to Braze

Custom Solution

Built the Custom Solution to Extract, Cleanse, Transform& Load to Braze via APIs


Addressed existing data and segmentation issues with best practices for long term success in Braze